Goodness from Grit

Music | Mix

We collaborated closely with production and agency throughout scripting, shoot and edit to develop a musical world that was informed by classic Westerns, Americana and Italian folk and opera, while also gently lampooning their cliches. Production of the music was split between Berlin and Melbourne, with all performers recorded at the Aviary Studio through a 1079s MCI console. As the colour grade was modelled on recent remasters of old Western classics, we took the same approach to the final mix, carefully injecting the characteristic "restored" analogue crunch which is integral to the sound of these films.

AICP Awards - Original Music (Shortlist)
Ciclope Festival 2021 - Original Music - Gold Medal Win
Shots Awards 2022 - Use of Music - Gold

Agency: Venables Bell + Partners - San Francisco
CD: Gus Johnson
Producer: Jenna van Derventer
Director: Nick Ball
Production Company: MJZ
Music & Mix: Stare Crazy
Sound: Stare Crazy / HennyBoy