Ode to Bad


Sometimes it’s a lot of fun making ads. And when the folks at neverland asked us how we’d blend a choir of satanic cult worshippers intro sweaty riff rock, we knew this was gonna be a fun one. The vision behind UK mobile network Giff Gaff’s major 2023 rebrand is facetiously genuine in its celebration of behavior that, through its sheer shitness, is inspiring positive change in corporate practise. The last-minute turnaround aims for defiance rather than smugness, and these two worlds are represented by a choir chanting demonic summons, and a good-old zero-fucks-given heavy guitar riff. The all-male choir and head banging two-piece band were recorded at RAK studio in London.

Agency: Neverland
Producer: Claire Pearson
Director: Nick Ball
Production Company: Blink
Music: Stare Crazy
Score recorded at: RAK
Engineer: Robbie Nelson
Choir: London Contemporary Orchestra
Sound+Mix: Sam Ashwell