G’day - The Short Film

Tourism Australia
Music | Sound | Mix

For this 9-minute global brand launch film, we are honoured to have created a musical score centered around contributions by Indigenous Australian First Nation Artists. After an extensive research and consultancy process, we travelled to Australia to record with singer-songwriter Frank Yamma, Marliya of Gondwana Choirs, acclaimed composer and didgeridoo virtuoso William Barton, and the Iwiṟi Choir, whose Pitjantjatjara language figures prominently in the film’s moving conclusion. The connective score was recorded by the Sydney Scoring Orchestra. As we were responsible for the film’s entire soundtrack, the score was created in tandem with an immersive sound design depicting a vast array of Australian urban and natural environments.

Agency: M&C Saatchi - Sydney
CCO: Cam Blockley
Producer: Loren August & Christina Wilmot
Director: Michael Gracey
Production Company: Finch
Music: Amy Andersen and Jonathan Dreyfus
Sound: Brian Mullany and Alex Parker
Mix: Daniel Müller
Orchestrator and Conductor: Jessica Wells
Score recorded at: Trackdown Sydney | Unison Studio Sydney | Wizard Tones Adelaide | Bumbla Ja Cairns